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Down the Rabbit Hole

You have no idea how hard it is to start your first blog post. Not until you sit down at a coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon, post up at a table, and make eye contact with other customers from behind your laptop getting lost in thought. " What do I talk about?" " How do I engage my supporters?" " Is anyone even going to read this stuff?" Truth is I've been staring at this couple across from me with a facial expression that unintentionally appears as if I'm angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous. I'm actually just thinking about what to say to you, but the semi-awkward exchange has created a slight case of RBF (Resting Bitch Face) and maybe some food for thought. I suppose I'll just kick things off with a degree of normality. My name is Phil. I'm another guy you might see in a brewery, walking around town, or eating out at a restaurant. I love Star Wars and coffee. My favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. Vintage things like old Disney cartoons or music records intrigue me. I run my own Quality Assurance gig for money but my real passion is music. I spend my nights practicing blues guitar riffs, writing lyrics, and composing songs because it makes me happy. In a complicated world music is simple. I might not know what to say to a pretty girl at the grocery store but I can communicate with another musician for hours without saying a single word. I believe that music has the power to heal a broken heart. It has the ability to bring people together. Music can change individuals and create movements. It can spread awareness, create friendships, and still make a lasting impact long after the song is written. That is why music is so important to me. It's why I push myself to get better at singing or playing an instrument every day. I write music with a purpose so that those who listen can relate to all the good and the bad. Shared experiences are all part of what make us human, so let me share my experiences with you. If you want to support an independent songwriter who pours his heart and soul into every song and composition than I urge you to follow my journey. Let me tell you all the nitty gritty details about what it takes to be a modern day musician in this digital world. It's not going to be easy but I'm excited to show you more about me and how I'm starting things out. I have so much to learn but these little steps motivate me to keep pushing. Mistakes and celebrations are just a part of the process and learning to embrace it all will help show the way to a successful and meaningful music career. So let me just say one thing to you reading this, as a thanks to you and everyone else supporting me and my dreams: I truly love you all. Your friendship and encouragement means the world to me. If I don't get the gig, you help me find the courage to keep reaching out to bookers. If I feel overwhelmed you help me persist and keep trying. On the nights I feel like I'm not good enough for my own success, you remind me that I am. For that you always have a friend in me. ***So stay in touch!*** Share my blog on http://PhilipJames.Band or download some of my tunes. I have merchandise on Tee Spring and this Patreon page set up if you want to help me fund this wild adventure. Tell me your thoughts and at the end of the day let's grow together. Good things are coming. Cheers,       -Phil

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