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Now recording at Osceola studios in Raleigh, nc

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My journey through music has lead me to the heart of several genres, exploring everything from Rock and Blues to Jazz, Soul, and Acoustic melodies. It's been all about growth, staying humble, and really honing in on the craft.

I'm diving deep into recording my first full-length album at Osceola Studios right here in Raleigh, NC. It's not just about crafting songs; it's about sharing my story as a modern-day singer/songwriter. I'll be peeling back the curtain, showcasing behind-the-scenes glimpses, studio sessions, and an in-depth look at the process that brings music to life.


While my primary passion is music, I'm also preparing to kick off a Physician Assistant program in late 2024. I firmly believe that artists can be multifaceted individuals who contribute to their community in diverse ways. After all, both music and medicine have the power to heal.  While I'm pursuing my medical journey, I'll keep pouring my heart into creating new and original music just for you. 

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